Migrations across the Mediterranean workshop Sciences Po Paris 2016 Clara Lecadet – EHESS David do Paco – Sciences Po

Published: 9.8.2016

What's this about

  • Introduction to the interdisciplinary conference Migrations Across the Mediterranean, 2016.
  • Comments on interdisciplinary and dialogue between political institutions, historians and anthropologists by, Ana Cristina Jorge, Frontex; Clara Lecadet, EHESS; David do Paço, Sciences Po, Paris.

The why and what

This video introduces an interdisciplinary workshop on Mediterranean migration consisting  of historians, anthropologists and political scientists who work in universities in Paris, meeting together with leaders of civilian rescue organization SOS Mediterranée and the European Union’s Frontex border management authority.

Clara Lecadet, EHESS, is a leading anthropologist with expertise on circular migration and the return of refugees. She describes why it is interesting and important for her to take part in discussions with researchers of other disciplines including historians, and practitioners from politics related to current day questions and events. She concludes that migration is a phenomenon which could benefit from and be clarified by a more profound understanding of its history as well.

David do Paço, Sciences Po, is an emerging historian of the Ottoman Empire and the Balkans in the 19th Century. He underlines how a search for answers on how to respond to crises and current dilemmas is perhaps not the key function of a historian, but more important is to provide an understanding and relative context for today’s events as well.