Migrations across the Mediterranean Workshop Sciences Po Paris 2016, Ana Cristina Jorge – Frontex

Published: 9.8.2016

What's this about

  • Ana Cristina Jorge, is the Head of the Joint Operations Unit of Frontex. She is one of the key EU civil servants with important institutional memory and background in the evolution of Frontex.
  • PhD, and humanities background.
  • Frontex is the European Border and Coastguard Agency
  • For important updates of Frontex's work see http://frontex.europa.eu/publications/

The why and what

Ana Cristina Jorge, Head of Joint Operations’ Unit, Frontex, discusses two questions of interests to current day students of the Mediterranean working in humanities fields.

How is the sphere of research and education related to the work of Frontex?

“Frontex has in its structure one capacity building division, and in it you have an area for training and an area for research and development. In this sphere Frontex tries to develop guidelines, practices, find the right research technology to create better tools to support on-board management. This means efforts to facilitate the work of border guards, but also in the training unit, we have now developed over many years a core curriculum for border guards. Frontex also has a master’s study course for border management which has been recently, and in this way educates European border guards as well.”

Who works and who could work for Frontex?

“We have people from many different backgrounds including press officers, researchers, and those from military and police as well as from other law enforcement backgrounds. Frontex’s work engages different areas and therefore people from different backgrounds can be integrated there. People with science backgrounds including humanities could definitely work with Frontex.”